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Content types

The purposes of the different content types

Each page generated by Content Curator includes 3 separate content blocks, which can be used to display different kinds of information, according to the content type selected for each one. For example, the same page might include a block of text with a picture ('Pageblocks' content type), an image gallery ('Gallery' content type) and a list of weblinks ('Links - simple' content type). This section gives a brief explanation of what each content type does.

We often create custom content types for clients' particular requirements. Contact us if you wish to discuss possibilities.

Bug tracker
Allows clients and contractors to keep track of to-do items. Typically used for recording necessary technical amendments in website development.
Used in online shops. Can be hooked up to pre-existing transaction services or software such as PayPal. WorldPay or other providers.
Allows users of your website to post comments on particular pages. Typically used in conjunction with blog and forum postings.
Creates an illustrated table for comparing two items, with one on the left, and one on the right. Typically used to juxtapose objects such as two different pieces in a museum collection.
Downloads / Downloads A-Z
Allows users to select files to be downloaded. You can add some descriptive text to help users understand what's on offer.
Embedded Flash
Allows you to display Flash content on a web page. For example, you could use this content type to display an animated map or any other content built using Adobe Flash. Rich applications can be incorporated as it's possible to pass parameters and data to the Flash from the CMS.
Displays a list of frequently asked questions, along with answers. A list of questions appears at the top. These link to the answers below. For example, the 'how to' pages on this website use this content type.
A versatile content type which allows you to display content from one or more pages on a single page. For example, this might be used to generate a list of newly updated images from the entire website on a 'recent additions to our site' page. Feeds can also be used to generate listings in RSS format for syndication to other sites etc.
Displays forms to gather user input. Used for a wide range of purposes. Forms can be used to populate contact lists, sign up to a service and even provide user-generated content.
Displays a list of weblinks. Links can be grouped by category.
List of files
Provides a list of files in a directory. This content type is useful if there are a very large number of files to be provided to the end user.
Mail form
Allows you to create custom contact forms for users to send you emails.
Creates a list of terms and explanations. This very page uses the Glossary content type!
High score table
Used in online games and quizzes.
Keyword index
Allows you to create a list of pages tagged with the same keyword (> location setup > Text pane > keywords). Useful for creating an overview of related pages from throughout a website, irrespective of their position in the navigation structure.
Allows content from other webpages and web applications to be integrated into Content-Curator -generated pages. Useful for integrating 3rd party services.
My profile
Used in 'community' websites to display a user's personal profile.
Displays a list of promotional features, typically a short piece of text with an image, linking to further content on a different page.
A versatile content type which displays a list of text blocks, each of which can have its own image, link and visual style.
Used to implement a text search for the contents of your website.
Displays an image gallery. Typically, images are shown as small 'thumbnails', which are then shown as full-sized images when the user clicks on them.
Table of contents
Displays a list of all published pages below the current page in the site's navigation structure. A table of contents can be used to show the pages within a given section.
Allows you display videos on your web pages.
Vocabulary list
Used to display a list of words and translations.
Displays a news listing. Clicking on an item in the listing reveals more details. News items can be set to display only from and until certain dates. News can also be gathered into newsletters to be sent out by email.