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Lists of related pages

A keyword index can help you create a list of related pages from different areas of your website. For example, you might have several different pages in the various sections of your website relating to 'birds'. The keyword list allows you to create a list of these pages.

How do I create a keyword index?

Keywords in a page's 'location setup'
Keywords in a page's 'location setup'

> admin area

  • First of all, you need to decide on a keyword with which to tag your pages. Try to use something short, lower case and easy to remember, as this will reduce the chance of typos. For the purposes of this example, we will take 'birds' as the keyword.
  • Select a page which you would like to tag with the keyword 'birds' from the navigation structure.
  • Go to: > location setup > Text pane > 'Keywords' field.
  • Enter your keyword(s) in the 'Keywords' field. Each page can have as many keywords as you like, separated by commas (e.g. 'birds,cats,dogs,fish,horses').
  • Repeat the last step with all of the pages which are relevant to your keywords (in our example, this would be all of the pages about birds).
  • Now you need to create the keyword index page itself. Create a new page by clicking on the green 'add' button at the bottom of the navigation structure pane.
  • Go to this page. Select 'Keyword index' as the content type for Block A, B or C, depending where you want the keyword index to appear on the page. Click 'Update' to save your change.
  • Now, in the 'Text' pane of the 'keyword index' content type, fill out the following fields:

    • Index title (this is the title which appears above your keyword index)
    • Keyword (the keyword you have entered into the other pages - in this case 'birds'. Note, this must be spelt the same, and is case-sensitive)
    • Context (this is a further text explanation about the keyword, if you need it)
    • Save your changes!
  • RESULT: A list will appear on your page, detailing all of the pages you have tagged with your keyword (in this case, 'birds'). The details show here for each page are taken from the 'Full title' and 'Description' fields (see 'Location setup').




Robin Price

Keywords are handy for the internal search functions

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