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Using Google Analytics

To access your google analytics account: go to www.google.com/analytics

You’ll be asked to log in, if you have an account with google then you can use those details, otherwise you’ll have to register.

Once in, you’ll get a list of sites that you have access to – it may just be e-latest.org.uk (but if you are granted access to other sites in the future you’ll see them here too).

Click on the “view reports” link next to the site address.

You’ll see a “dashboard” with a graph of site visits and some figures below.

The ones that are most important are visits (number of individual visits over the last month), pageviews (how many pages were looked at), pages/visit are how many pages each person looked at (an average).

Bounce rate is interesting – a bounce is when someone looks at a page and leaves instantly (ie they didn’t want to look at the page) – 50% is normal, anything lower and you’re doing quite well!

On the left there will be a list of links. These give you more detail:

  • Visitors – breaks the data about visitors into smaller chunks. You can also see what web browsers and what computers they use, where they are (on a handy map) and much more.
  • Traffic sources – Did people come to the site from Google, or directly (typing in the address or using a bookmark) or did they follow a link from another site.
  • Content – You use this to see which pages are the most visited, how people moved from page to page etc
  • Goals – This is an advanced option where you can set targets that you want people to end up (eg thankyou for your order page)